Haiku is a form of poetry that is appealing to both children and adults. Haiku are most often about moments in nature, or simple nature descriptions. It’s a Japanese form of poetry that has been adapted for English language. Originally the English form was limited to a 3 line poem, with each line respectively 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. A few years ago I spent time trying to write a haiku a day, but found myself limited by the strict 5-7-5 structure, so was delighted to discover that this is no longer expected. Nowadays haiku are almost always less than 17 syllables and can be as few as 2 lines long.

Here are two of my haiku about the forest which were accepted for publication in the New Zealand Poetry Society magazine a fine line Spring 2021. The magazine will become available to non-subscribers on their website in a few months.

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