Did you know that geckos have ‘sticky’ feet? They can even walk upside down on ceilings or up a pane of glass! Children at Porirua, Cannons Creek and Whitby Libraries had a go at making their own geckos with sticky feet yesterday as part of my author tour.

Our model was the gold-striped gecko in “Whose Feet are These?” illustrated by Fraser Williamson.

Fraser also created a colour-in gecko to fit on A4 paper.

It didn’t take long for the children to discover that the geckos could climb the library shelves.

Gecko sticking to the library shelf

You can make your own gecko, using this free A4 download. All you need are colouring pens, scissors and stick-on magnets, googly eyes are optional.


To learn a bit more about geckos and other lizards in New Zealand, see “Geckos and Skinks – what’s the difference”.

Some children also made origami Beaky Book Corners.  You can find the instructions for these here.

A Kiwi Book Corner peeps around the corner of this book
An unusual bird!
Make a Gecko with Sticky Feet